PaydaySOS Review: Best Payday Loan Companies in USA

Who are

PaydaySOS are no direct lenders, but are a lending matching service. In the past years PaydaySOS has built a broad network of short-term creditors who are capable of providing applicants with loans between $200 and $2,500. Payday loan’s a short-term loan to assist consumers in resolving a wide range of financial emergency. When individuals run low on cash before payday, they look to payday creditors for quick assistance with cash. Unlike the traditional personal loan offices, PaydaySOS assist customers with a way of getting quick cash online. Amongst the advantages in taking a personal loan with PaydaySOS, are the relaxed credit requirements. A large number of financial institutions, will turn away loan applicants with poor credit score but PaydaySOS creditors will usually provide short-term loans to even those with poor credit score such as bankruptcy or bounced checks.

The Application Process

The online payday loan application process is easy with PaydaySOS. Intending applicants visit, to fill out the application form. The application process is fast, taking less than 5 minutes to complete from start to finish. Lenders do require certain basic or personal information including social security number, banking details, and so on. Application forms are generally safe and secure, encrypted page’s assist in protecting the forms from online hackers. You’d never have to worry about submitting an application with PaydaySOS.

After a successful submission of an application, PaydaySOS attempts to match the borrower with a lender immediately. If your approved for a personal loan, you may receive the funds to your account in 24 hours or most cases within one business day. PaydaySOS isn’t a lender, but works or assist in matching you with a lender and cannot provide solutions to questions regarding your loan. Kindly review the terms of your loan before accepting. Review interest rates, and beware of your due date. Should you need clarification or have questions about your loan, please endeavor to contact your creditor directly.

Product Pricing

PaydaySOS doesn’t provide short-term loans but refers loan applicants to lenders who could provide such loans. PaydaySOS can’t supply you with an exact APR (Annual Percentage Rate), that you’d be charged with if you are approved for a loan. APRs varies and depends on the information provided by you in your loan application and your lender. You’ll be given the APR, fees for loan, and other terms by your creditor when you are directed to your loan agreement in the loan request process.

The APR of a short-term loan can be between 200% to 2,290% depending on the amount of the loan, the duration of the loan, fees incurred, late payment, non-payment, renewal actions, and other factors. Keep in mind the APR range is not the finance charge and the finance charge will be disclosed later on.

Customer Support

PaydaySOS isn’t a bank, a financial institution, or lender and don’t make credit decisions or short-term cash loans. Moreover, the operator of this webpage is not a broker, an agent, or representative of any creditor. PaydaySOS works as a link to a network of payday lenders. If you require information or clarification on your loan or have concerns regarding your cash advance, kindly contact your lender directly. They’re best in the position to assist you. Furthermore, information about your loan and your creditor should be included in the approval email, bank statement or via contacting your credit union directly. At PaydaySOS, applicants can be approved for a loan via phone.

Features and Benefits

Many PaydaySOS lenders will approve funds to applicants with poor credit histories. Many cash advance lenders will approve a customer, if they’re employed, on a stable income, earn a minimum of $800 a month, own a checking account, are above 18 years of age and are a citizen of the United States. Other requirements can apply, depending on the PaydaySOS lender. Even applicants who have filed bankruptcy, bounced checks or have other credit issues may be approved for quick cash fund.

Applying for a loan through PaydaySOS, you’ll enjoy the following features and benefits:

  • Easy and Fast Online Process: Applying for a loan shouldn’t have to be stressful. While financial institutions and personal loan offices require tons of paperwork, PaydaySOS has made the process easy with a simple online application.
  • No Waiting in Line and Going into A Physical Store: Entering your information required on is easy and private. From the comfort of your own desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet computer you can access the entire application without going into a store and waiting in lines. The process is made easy and private.
  • Approval regardless of a poor credit: Many financial institutions may make it impossible for you to qualify and get approved for a loan. One of the major qualifications for borrowing a traditional loan is good credit. At PaydaySOS, you’re able to find a lender, who’s ready to provide you with the funds you seek, regardless of a poor credit score.
  • Bank level encryption of your data: In transmitting your application to the lender network, they ensure safety of your personal information. By using SSL encryption, personal data are scrambled in route to the servers, and decrypted on arrival at


  • Access to a large number loan lenders.
  • Approval via phone.
  • You may be eligible for loan approval despite poor credit score.
  • Proud member of the online lenders association.


  • You may potentially pay a very high APR.
  • While you may be approved for a loan over the phone, you can’t complete the loan process over the phone and can only sign your loan agreement online.


PaydaySOS isn’t a bank, financial institution or a lender and don’t make credit decisions or short-term cash loans. They only serve as intermediary connecting you to credible lenders ready to offer financial assistance, regardless of your credit or financial position. By making lenders compete for your business, they’re able to connect you to lenders with low rates that match your situation or personal needs.

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  • Fast online process
  • No credit checks
  • High approval rates

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